Do you want Fortnite clips? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you some Fortnite clips to help cheer up another miserable Monday. This week in Fortnite we have introduced the Clingers which should make for some rather fun clips.

Fortnite Clinger review – should you bother picking these up?

That being said, can we find some of the best Fortnite clips around? You betcha!

So here are five of the best from the past week:

Game Freeze? No problem!

Have you been getting some serious lag spikes of framerate issues? Yeah, well they are nothing compared to what happened to Ninja in this clip – who incredibly still manage to get the win.

People are BAD


You know the more popular this game has gotten, the worse people have become. However, I’ve never seen anything this bad before. Just look at what happened to Dakotaz here.

Sky Fort Shenanigans

Building a Sky Fort is always great fun. However, when you come across a team of Ninja, Dr Lupo, Myth and TimTheTatMan, you know you are probably in trouble. Which is exactly what happened when Lupo was rocket riding his way to the top of the fort to impulse two fools off the top to win the game.

Literally CHEATED!

I’ve had this happen to me many, many times. You build something and then you, a team-mate or an enemy simply ghosts right through it. However, Myth was NOT happy about what happened to him.

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