Can you remember any of the items removed from Fortnite?

Despite the game being out for less than a year, there have been so many things added and changed in Fortnite. Sure, they might be a little preoccupied with getting sued by PUBG Corps, but hey, they’ve done so much right since launch – at least they’ve got that going for them. In fact, there have been many items added to the game that a bunch of them have ended up being removed, as they either weren’t used enough or simply were in need of a scrap.

So in the spirit of continuity, let’s have a look at five items removed from Fortnite.

1. Smoke Grenade

First up, I really liked the smoke grenades because they allowed you to push up on people with a beautiful, fluffy cover. They were also a lot of fun to throw at friends, especially since they seemed to totally tank your FPS. To be fair, it is probably for this very reason that Epic decided to remove them – or at least put them in the vault for the time being.

2. Zap traps

Now, you young’ens won’t remember these! They were in the first few months of the game’s lifespan, and used with a trap; they were a deadly combination. They could be placed as both a ceiling trap or a wall trap and slowed you down while doing damage. There were probably too many complaints about these for Epic to keep them in the game.

3. Crossbow

This was one of my favourite items when it was in the game. Don’t get me wrong, it was terrible, but when you did kill someone with it, it felt really good. The fact that they never ran out of ammo made them a perfect addition, and I liked them a lot. Sadly, we’ll probably have to wait until next Valentine’s day before it’s reintroduced back in to the game.

4. Guided Rocket Missile

Thank GOD this was put away in the vault and locked tightly… very tightly. Hopefully, we never see this ever again because honestly, it was stupidly over-powered. With that being said, when you could get hold of one, it did feel proper cheesy and meant that you could always pick up at least one cheap kill. Easily the most Overpowered of any of the items removed from Fortnite.

5. Submachine gun

There was a time when you could end up with three SMGs; the silenced, the tactical and the standard SMG. Personally, I quite liked the SMG, but considering how similar they were to the tactical version there wasn’t really much need for it – hence Epic banished it to the vault.

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