Are these the best Fortnite clips from this week?

Man, the new hunting rifle in Fortnite is a lot of fun and combined with the impulse grenades, there are a lot of cool clips to be had.

Last week, we had some crazy clips from no scopes, to rocket riding, to the middle of no way.

However, this week’s looks like it might just be even better, maybe all due to the hunting rifle.

Without further ado, here are five great Fortnite clips from this weekend.

1. Ninja 360 no scope for £100

This has been a pretty insane week for Ninja; first, he hit 60k subs and then he hit 100k just a few days later.

If that wasn’t cool enough, how about someone donating £100 if he could pull off a no scope 360 with the new hunting rifle.

And guess what? He did it on his first attempt!


2. Get them in the air

This isn’t a clip from a big name streamer or YouTube, this is just from a regular joe, like you or me.

That being said, it is a great clip which sees’s this chap knocking not one but two fools while they were trying to launchpad near his team.

One being with a hunting, what is not to love?

3. The most epic thing you’ll see this week

You know everything is better in slow motion, fact. So what if you combined Fortnite, getting yourself in a serious predicament and slow motion?

Well, you get this clip from Dakotaz which is just fantastic.

4. Faster than the Rocket

Apparently, the maximum velocity of an RPG is 295 metres per second, so how the hell does someone fall faster than one?!

Poor Lirik was getting ready to rocket someone to win the game and do it in style by jumping.

However, he wasn’t expecting this…

5. Myth gets lectured

Finishing our countdown off with this absolute belter from Myth… well rather his dad.

He may well be 18, but his dad is not impressed when he hears him swearing and so decides to lay down a brilliantly put speech.

Absolutely one of the best Fortnite clips from this week.

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