So, wondering how to win Fortnite in an ATK? Well, this clip will prove that it can be done!

How exciting has Fortnite Season 5 been? We’re loving the All-terrain Karts, rifts, and new skins.

While I’ve been figuring out how not to get the karts stuck between a tree and a wall, other people have been getting some really sweet clips for us to enjoy.

The usual suspects are here because they are amazing at Fortnite; pulling off no scopes, trick shots and a few funny moments along the way.

So, sit back and enjoy five of the best Fortnite clips from Season 5, week 1.

Dakotaz is disgusting…

Come on – how? Why would you even take that shot?!

… And so is FaZe Tfue

Rumour has it that to be in FaZe you have to hit y-y-bouncy-180-no-scopes; exactly what Tfue did here.

You can kill someone with the ATK

Erm, so it turns out you can kill someone with the ATK! Absolute carnage and just another reason why they are the best.

So, if you were ever wondering how to win Fortnite with an ATK… now you know!

FaZe at it again

You know how I said to be in FaZe you need to do crazy trick shots? Well, Yelo proves once again just how crazy good his trick shots are.

The only way to end an ATK race

Vroom Vroom!

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