Did you know the world’s biggest Twitch Fortnite streamer Ninja loves Super Smash Bros?

Ninja has broken various Twitch records, with over 81,000 Twitch subs, 289 million views, and around 10.5 million followers. But while he’s mostly known for playing Fortnite, he’s repeatedly shown his love for Super Smash Bros in the past.


Anyone that thinks Smash is dumb doesn’t understand video games. Everything about this is INCREDIBLE. This is the Chess of esports.

Ninja follows the competitive Smash Bros scene closely- recently streaming and commenting on Smash ‘n’ Splash 4. He’s also a big fan of NA’s top Melee player C9 Mango, leading to an interesting Twitter shout out.

Fortnite Streamer Ninja Offers $50k if C9 Mango wins Shine 2018

Ninja recently called C9 Mango out with a Twitter video, telling him he’s willing to throw a whole 50,000 dollars into the prize pool if Mang0 wins his next Smash Bros event!

Mang0’s next Smash Bros event will be Shine 2018, held from August 24 – 26 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.

Last year’s Shine 2017 tournament had a prize pool of only $11,560. Mang0 took home $3,004 after losing to Hungrybox in the Grand Finals.

Will Ninja Restore the Smash Bros Competitive Scene?

To put Ninja’s offer into perspective, there has long been a lack of motivation from Smash players thanks to poor prize pools. Especially when compared to other games.

Mang0 recently dropped out of Smashcon 2018 due to feeling exhausted with the game and the community.

The EVO 2018 Smash Bros Melee tournament had a total prize pool of $13,580. TSM Leffen took home the grand prize of $8,124 while Mang0 left in 5th place.

Leffen even decided to donate some of his money to Mang0 and other players due to his disappointment with the low prize pool.


Ninja’s $50k offer could bring back the motivated C9 Mang0 fans have been dying to see for a while now. With Ninja’s love for the game, we may even see Ninja as a Smash Bros Ultimate player in the future!

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