Fortnite Season 7 will give players a White Christmas! New Fortnite Season 7 leaks from FNBRLeaks show proof that the Winter update will feature a snowy Fortnite map. Here’s more on the latest Fornite leaks.

Fortnite Season 7 Leaks – Fortnite Snow Map

It looks as though the Fortnite map will be covered in snow for Season 7. Data miners at @FNBRLeaks discovered various assets in the game files showing that a lot of snow will feature.

They also found sound files of how walking in the snow will sound. These are brand new sound files and not the ones from Viking Village, showing that the map will change drastically in the upcoming Winter update.

Fortnite Season 7 Leaks – Fortnite Gifts Will Be Available

Snow on the map isn’t all players have to look forward to. More Fortnite leaks show that Fortnite gifting will be available very soon, most likely in the Season 7 update. A post on Reddit showed what the Fortnite gifting system will look like.

Looks Like Gifting Is In Its Final Stages!
by inFortniteLeaks

Players will be able to choose to gift items in shops to their friends. To gift, you must be Level 2 or above and you must also enable 2 Factor Authentication on your account by adding your mobile number.

You can gift items such as skins, back bling, gliders, and pickaxes to friends, providing they’ve been on your list for at least 2 weeks. Certain items, such as Battle Passes and V-Bucks, are excluded from gifting. Chances are many winter skins will come out just in time to gift.

Fortnite Season 7 Release Date

Season 7 should begin around December 5th when the Season 6 Battle Pass ends.

Fortnite Season 7 will definitely get players in the Christmas spirit. Although not much else is known yet, it’s very likely winter and Christmas-themed skins will be leaked as the update drops in the game.

In the meantime, FNBRLeaks have also leaked the upcoming designs coming to the shop for the rest of November.

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