There’s good news coming for Fortnite players in the Middle East. A new Fortnite leak shows that Fortnite Middle East Servers should come to the game very soon. The leak comes from a picture on r/FortniteLeaks, which shows data on Fortnite servers with some data centers now labeled as ‘Mid-East’.

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Fortnite Middle East Servers Coming Soon

While there’s no official announcement from Epic Games yet, this is a good sign for Middle Eastern players.

New data centers in the Middle East will mean lower ping for Middle Eastern players. What’s more, there’ll also be less high-ping players in other regions. Overall, everyone will be able to enjoy the game with less lag and smoother play.

A viral campaign for #FortniteMiddleEastServers kicked off earlier this year. Many players across the region showed problems they were having in the game with lag and playability issues.

This led to a response from Fortnite. The game developers vowed to bring Middle East servers to the game within the next few months back in January, 27th.

It seems that this has now become a reality, with Middle East servers soon to launch.

Fortnite Season 8 Leaks

While the current leaks don’t give us a date for the new servers, they should come soon. With Fortnite Season 8 set to launch just over a week away, this could be the perfect time to introduce them.

With so long in between Season 7 and 8, we could get some huge changes for the upcoming season. Current rumors include a new map, new guns, and some tweaks to gameplay features.

As for right now, players can get the Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass free by completing Overtime Challenges in the game. You can also send a free gift to friends until tomorrow- the Heartspan Glider.

Look out at the end of February for the next big Fortnite update, which could include the new Fortnite Middle East Servers.

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