New Fortnite leaks for Fortnite v6.02 show new Fortnite Halloween skins, cosmetics, and emotes. The range of new additions were found by Fortnite leaker DieBuddies, who shared them in a Twitter post.

Fortnite Halloween Skins and Cosmetics

Looks like the upcoming updates will let Fortnite players dress up for Halloween. The new leaked skins include a range of fun Fortnite Halloween designs, including Hallowhead, Jack Gourdon, Plague, Scourge, and also new Skull Trooper designs.

Fortnite Halloween Skins, Cosmetics and Emotes Leaked for v6.02

There’s also some new cosmetics. Players can change their pickaxe to a Skull Sickle, Herald’s Wand or Carver. There’s also new Halloween-themed gliders- the Lamplight and Cryptic Cruiser.

The Skull Trooper, Skull Ranger, Skull Sickle, and Cryptic Cruiser are now available in the item shop. Owners of the original Skull Trooper also get a special purple edition.

Capping off the new additions are four new emotes- Electro Swing, Headbanger, Sprinkler, and Behold.


Fortnite v6.02 Updates

Fortnite v6.02 was released last night, with many new updates including a new Game Mode and new guns.

Disco Domination Mode is a limited time Squad Mode where you dance off against your competitors. You have to work with your team to clear out dance floors across the Battle Royale island and take them over by… Dancing. Two teams will battle it out to be the first to fill their Dance Meter.

Fortnite v6.02 Disco Domination

The Quad Launcher lets you launch four rockets at your opponents, making it great for breaking down bases. A new Noble Launcher has also been added exclusively to Save the World.

The Port-a-Fortress is also back in the game. It now has a drop chance of 1.83%, lowered from the previous 2.43%. The Loot Drop Rate has also been adjusted for various other items, including Rocket Launchers, Sniper Rifles, and Pistols.

All of this is added along with some game performance updates and bug fixes. You can view the full Fortnite v6.02 Patch Notes at the Epic Games website.

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