New Fortnite leaks confirm that the Fortnite Gifts system should be coming in time for Christmas! Although there’s no solid release date, it’s expected to launch along with Season 7 around the start of December. Players will be able to gift new skins and cosmetics to their friends, although there are certain rules and restrictions.

How To Send Fortnite Gifts

A previous leak showed what gifting in Fortnite will look like.

Looks Like Gifting Is In Its Final Stages! from FortniteLeaks

Players will have the option on items in the shop to Buy As A Gift instead of purchasing for themselves. You’ll then be able to choose a recipient from your friend list, although there are time limits on how many gifts someone can receive.

You can then add a personal message. It also seems as though Gift Wrap will be available.

The Fortnite Gifting system should come at the start of December, just in time to get in the Christmas spirit. With plenty of leaked Fortnite skins coming to the shop, there’ll be many cool items to give your friends.

How Fortnite Gifting Will Work

New information from tells us more about what to expect from the upcoming Fortnite gifting system.

Any player Level 2 or above will be able to gift in-game items to their friends. However, you must enable 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) on your account. This involves logging in to and adding a valid phone number to your account settings.

You’ll be able to gift skins, back bling, gliders, and pickaxes to your friends. However, there are a few things you won’t be able to send. This includes Battle Passes, V-bucks, real money, items not in the item shop, and items in your locker. Store items like Battle Pass Tier Bundles will also be excluded from gifting.

You must also be friends with someone for at least 2 weeks before gifting them.

Fortnite Gifting will be available on every platform excluding iOS. Android mobile users will still be able to gift.


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