New Fortnite Christmas Skins have been leaked, presumably to debut during Fortnite Season 7.10. Data miners across Twitter and Reddit have revealed many upcoming winter and Christmas skins coming to Fortnite this month. Here’s more on the leaked Fortnite Christmas Skins.

Fortnite Christmas Skins Leaked

New data mined Fortnite winter skins were shown on Reddit by u/trw6tx.

This includes a winter Red Knight skin, Christmas Elf skin, as well as some more Christmas and winter-themed Fortnite skins.

More leaks came via @TrixLeaks on Twitter. These include the Birdshot, Techie, and Tabulator back bling.

Trix also leaked more Fortnite winter skins, including the Frozen Raven skin and Frozen Love Ranger.

There’s likely even more to come throughout the month, so it looks like there’ll be a lot of new designs for Fortnite players to enjoy this Holiday season.

Fortnite Krampus Skin Leak for Save the World

More Fortnite leaks have also surfaced for Fortnite STW.

Beard, Horns and a Skin were shown on Reddit by u/Casunzei and u/TechnoGamerOff.

Krampus beard and horns
byu/Casunziei inFortniteLeaks

Krampus Skin Leak
byu/TechnoGamerOff inFortniteLeaks

While the Krampus skin looks like it could be an enemy, it appears to be a Constructor skin for Fortnite Save the World players.

Fortnite Season 7.10 Live

Fortnite Season 7.10 is now live and available to download in the Epic Games Launcher.

The new update launches the 14 Days of Fortnite Event. This will feature new Challenges, LTMs and Rewards. It kicks off tomorrow on the 19th of December.

The 7.10 patch also includes some bug fixes and changes to the Heavy Assault Rifle and balloons. You can view the full details in the 7.10 Patch Notes.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty to do in the game- check out 5 fun things to do in Fortnite Season 7!

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