While the Fortnite Android Beta previously required an invite to play, it’s now open for everyone to play completely free.

Fortnite Mobile scales down the game into portable form. While Fortnite for iOS is already the #3 ranked game on the iTunes store, Fortnite Android has required an invite code to play. Until now. Android players can now jump straight into the action, just visit the Fortnite Android website to get started.

Fortnite Android Specs and Is It Worth It?

Fortnite is now available pretty much everywhere. PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch players have been enjoying the game for a long time. Console players will soon be able to get their hands on the Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle in stores.

Although all Android users can download the game, it won’t work as smoothly for everyone. Epic Games recommended specs for phones of Android 8.0 or higher with 4GB Ram and an Adreno 530, Mali-G71 MP20 or Mali-G72 MP12 GPU. The download size is 1.88GB.

Those with lower specs (as low as Android 5.0 and 3GB RAM) will still be able to play, but the game may run fairly slow. However, even those with higher-end phones may experience some lag and stuttering. Here’s a review of Fortnite Android from the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Touchscreen controls are used and things like building may take some getting used to. But if you love Fortnite and want a new way to play, there’s no harm in checking it out.

One Of The Best Mobile Esports Games?

Fortnite is one of the most popular esports games in the world right now, so having it on an extra platform definitely doesn’t hurt.

Other games have followed the game formula. PUBG Mobile is also available on Apple and Android products. The game even has some unique updates to the PC game, including a collaboration with BAPE on new items.

Games like Clash Royale and Arena of Valor are also popular on mobile. There are even events for mobile esports, such as Champions of Fire, showing the competitive viability of mobile games.

Now more players can access Fortnite than ever before. However, it’s likely most Fortnite Mobile users will just be looking for another way to play on-the-go.

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