Fortnite 8.20 is now live, and there’s a strong lava theme with the new “Floor is Lava” game mode plus some new items and features. Fortnite leaks also show us some of the new Fortnite 8.20 skins and cosmetics which will come to the shop over the next few weeks. The Fortnite 8.20 leak comes from u/kspaar on r/FortniteLeaks. Here are the new leaked Fortnite skins and cosmetics.

Fortnite 8.20 Skins and Cosmetics Leak – Lava Legends & More

There are many new Fortnite skins, gliders, back blings, pickaxes, and plenty more fun items soon to come to the shop in Fortnite 8.20. These were shown in a Reddit post by u/kspaar.

Most exciting is the new Lava Legends skins and cosmetics. These Legendary items will come as part of the Lava Legends pack, which will soon be available for purchase. Here are the Lava Legends leaks.

Fortnite 8.20 skins and cosmetics

The Lava Legends Pack includes the Boom Bow, Lavawing, Molten Battle Hound, Molten Crested Cape, Molten Valkyrie Skin, and Molten Valkyrie Wings.

These skins and cosmetics look awesome. But there are many more skins and cosmetics coming to Fortnite separate from the Lava Legends pack.

Fortnite 8.20 skins and cosmetics

Some of the new Epic skins and cosmetics take on astronaut and voodoo themes. These include Battle Mask, Cuddle Doll, Demon Skull, Fire Spinner, Mission Specialist, Moonwalker, Nightwitch, and Shaman.

Fortnite 8.20 skins and cosmetics

There’s also some cool Rare Fortnite Pirate skins and cosmetics. These include Barrel & Booty, Buccaneer, Cuddly Cruiser, Fanciful, Golden Scales Wrap, High Seas, Moonbone, Prickly Axe, Sea Wolf, and Seaworthy.

Fortnite 8.20 skins and cosmetics

Finally, there are some new emotes and Uncommon gliders and skins. These are Jazz Hands, Punched Up, Plunder, Compass, Targeted, and Prickly Patroller.

Some of these are available now in the Fortnite shop. Others will be available throughout Fortnite 8.20. In the meantime, players can enjoy the new features of the 8.20 update. You can see all of the latest changes in the Fortnite v8.20 Patch Notes.

You can also check out some of the Fortnite 8.10 skins and cosmetics.

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