The latest Fortnite update is here and there are some brand new Fortnite 7.30 leaks. The winter theme will continue with some new ice cosmetics. We’ll also see some sporty new additions with basketball and tennis skins and cosmetics. Here’s more on the latest leaked Fortnite skins and cosmetics.

Fortnite 7.30 Leaks – New Skins and Cosmetics

Fortnite Season 7 is still going strong and there are still some more winter skins yet to be added to the game. These should make it into the shop within the next few weeks.

The latest Fortnite leaks were revealed by @Yoshi7Lucas_ on Twitter. This includes new skins, back blings, pickaxes, gliders, emotes, and a new wrap.

There’s a huge range of different skins and cosmetics. The Frozen Feathers Glider, Squid Striker Pickaxe, Cold Hearted Pickaxe, and Frozen Beak Pickaxe seem to follow the winter theme. We may even see an aquatic, underwater theme according to Fortnite Season 8 rumors.

Meanwhile, there are also some sporty skins and cosmetics coming. This includes the Used Racket, Jumpshot Skin, Triple Threat Skin, Volley Girl Skin, and Sparkplug Skin.

We’ll also see numerous new Emotes, such as Bobbin’, Marsh Walk, Keep It Mello, and Air Horn. Lucas7Yoshi_ showed how the unreleased emotes would look in the game.

Fortnite 7.30 Updates – Chiller Grenade & Mobile Controllers

The latest Fortnite 7.30 update has made a few significant changes to the game.

Players can now use a new item in Battle Royale- the Chiller Grenade. This will knock players back and make them slide across the ground.

There’s also a new Limited Time Mode- Solid Gold. In this mode, all weapon drops are Legendary and you also get increased loot from gathering.

The new update also adds Bluetooth controller support for mobile devices.

You can check out all of the updates on the Fortnite 7.30 Patch Notes.

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