Fortnite 7.20 is now out! The new update adds the Scoped Revolver and Glider Redeploy is now back as an item. However, there are also many new Fortnite 7.20 skins and cosmetics leaked for the next few weeks.

These were shown on Reddit by u/FortniteLeaks. With an Ice Queen skin, new winter cosmetics, and some interesting prehistoric skins and cosmetics, it looks like there’s a lot to look forward to.

Fortnite 7.20 Skins and Cosmetics Leaked

Many new skins and cosmetics were found by data miners for Fortnite 7.20. These should hit the shop within the next few weeks.

Fortnite 7.20 Skins and Cosmetics Leaked

The Winter theme will continue with cosmetics like the Ice Queen skin and Ice Spikes glider. Other skins seem to follow more of a prehistoric theme, such as the Fyra and Jaeger skins, Emblazoned Buckler back bling, and Malcore Wings glider.

Fortnite 7.20 Skins and Cosmetics Leaked

Other Fortnite Season 7 leaks include a range of new pickaxes. This includes the Battle Axe, Flimsie Flail, and Icebringer. We’ll also see new Fortnite emotes like Flux, Slick, and Whirlwind.

Fortnite 7.20 Skins and Cosmetics Leaked

Ending off the list are more skins and cosmetics such as the Cabbie and Verge skins and Tusk glider. You can see all of the skin and cosmetics leaks from the source on Reddit.

Fortnite 7.20 Updates

The new Fortnite Season 7 update has also made numerous changes to the game.

There’s now a Scoped Revolver weapon, allowing you to zone in on enemies to shoot them with your pistol.

Glider Redeploy is now back in the game. However, it’s in the form of a reusable item you’ll need to find on the map.

There’s also a new Limited Time Mode- ‘One Shot’. Players will use Hunting Rifles and Sniper rifles to shoot each other at low gravity. Some changes to weapons and loot rates have also been made, which you can see on the Fortnite 7.20 Patch Notes.

Meanwhile, the snow and ice theme will continue with more Winter events while players wait for the Fortnite Season 8 release date.

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