New Fortnite 6.31 leaks show some of the Fortnite Winter Skins that will come to the game in coming weeks. These new skins and cosmetics will likely come with Season 7, which is set for release early in December. The new Fortnite Winter skin leaks come from u/Fortniteleaks on Reddit.

v6.31 – Cosmetics
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Fortnite 6.31 Leaks – New Fortnite Winter Skins Coming

Fortnite will be celebrating the Holiday season with a lot of new Winter additions.

Players can be Winter snipers with the new Longshot and Insight Fortnite skins. These are accompanied by the Scope Satchel and Sight Sling.

Fortnite 6.31 Leaked Skins - Fortnite Winter Skins

Four new Fortnite emotes are also coming- Mime Time, Phone It In, Showstopper, and Scorecard. There’s also a Lamp pickaxe.

Fortnite 6.31 Leaked Cosmetics Emotes

While the new Fortnite skin leaks aren’t too thrilling, there’s still a lot more to get hyped about for Fortnite Season 7.

Fortnite Season 7 Leaks – Snow Map and Gifting

New Fortnite Season 7 leaks tell us a lot about what to expect from the game in December.

The Fortnite Gifts system will soon be available. This allows you to gift skins, cosmetics, emotes, and more to your friends. Recent info reveals that you’ll need to enable 2 Factor Authentication to gift, and you can only gift friends you’ve had added for at least 2 weeks.

Looks Like Gifting Is In Its Final Stages!
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Leaks also show that the Fortnite map will have snow in December. There’s likely a lot more Fortnite Winter skins and even Fortnite Christmas skins to come!

Fortnite 6.31 Update

The Fortnite 6.31 Update is now live. The new Fortnite update adds the Epic & Legendary Pump Shotgun. There’s also a new Limited Time Mode, Team Rumble. Teams have to fight to be the first to eliminate 100 enemies to win.

Fortnite 6.31 Patch Notes

Save The World also has plenty of new additions. The Rotating Omni-directional Sentry Integrated Exoskeleton (R.O.S.I.E.) Constructor allows players to rain down bullets on enemies. There’s also a new melee weapon- the shovel. Canny Valley Act 2 has also started, so there’s plenty to dig into for STW players.

You can view the full Fortnite 6.31 Patch Notes here.

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