The new Fortnite 6.22 leaked skins look exciting. In addition to a Hunting Party skin and some cool cosmetics, players will get customizable Fortnite NFL skins! The full range of leaked Fortnite 6.22 skins was shown on Reddit by u/FortniteLeaks.

Customizable Fortnite NFL Skins

In contrast to the previous Fortnite Halloween skins, the new Fortnite NFL skins come as part of Fortnite’s partnership with the NFL. According to a video from Epic Games, the NFL skins will be available to all users from November 9th at 7 PM ET.

However, these aren’t just regular skins. All Fortnite NFL skins can be customized to any of the 32 NFL teams! You can choose your team and even customize the numbers to support your favorite player.

The NFL skins come in eight different types. Rush, Juke, Interceptor, and Blitz for female skins and Strong Guard, Spike, Gridiron, and End Zone for male skins.

More Fortnite 6.22 Leaked Skins and Cosmetics

In addition to the customizable Fortnite NFL skins, there will be a few new additions to the shop.

There are a few more Fortnite NFL cosmetics, including the Whistle Warrior and Striped Soldier referee skins.

New pickaxes include First Downer, Golden Pigskin, and Upright Axe. These three cosmetics carry the football theme, along with the Touchdown glider.

Meanwhile, there’s also a new Hunting Party skin A.X.E., along with the E.L.I.M. back bling and A.I.M. pickaxe.

Finally, two new emotes will be added- Denied and Spike It.

What’s New In Fortnite 6.22?

Fortnite 6.22 also features a new weapon- the Heavy Assault Rifle.

The new update also introduces Team Terror, a limited time mode where you face off against another team alongside monsters from the cube.

There’s also another limited time mode. Blitz is a sped up version of Battle Royale with extra loot and resources and quicker circle times. Matches last 15 minutes or less, offering players a quicker way to play Battle Royale.

The soccer field on Pleasant Park has also been changed to an NFL pitch!

Fortnite Football Pitch

You can check out all the new changes in the Fortnite 6.22 Patch Notes.

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