Fortnite 6.21 leaks reveal a range of new spooky Fortnite skins and cosmetics, plus some cool new pickaxes and back blind. The new Fortnite skins and cosmetics were shown by u/FortniteLeaks on Reddit.

Even though Halloween is over, the scary Fortnite skins continue. The Fortnite Halloween Event, Fortnitemares, will carry on until Sunday with a live event.

New Spooky Fortnite Skins and Cosmetics

Some of the Fortnite 6.21 leaks include some Halloween-themed skins, black bling, and pickaxes. The new skins include some spooky additions.

Shogun Skin (Legendary)
Flapjackie Skin (Epic)
Growler Skin (Epic)
Spooky Team Leader Skin (Epic)
Growler Skin (Rare)
Yee-Haw Skin (Epic)
Instinct Skin (Rare)
Mayhem Skin (Rare)
Ruckus Skin (Rare)
Reflex Skin (Rare)

There will also be some brand new glider cosmetics, as seen in the picture from FortniteLeaks.

Junkjet Glider (Rare)
Kabuto Glider (Rare)
Pivot Glider (Rare)
Poofy Parasail Glider (Rare)

Some cool new pickaxes will also hit the shop soon.

SplinterStrike Pickaxe (Epic)
Jawblade Pickaxe (Rare)
Jackspammer Pickaxe (Uncommon)
Angular Axe Pickaxe (Uncommon)

And if that’s not enough, there’s plenty of Halloween Back Bling to enjoy.

Woofs Back Bling (Epic)
Goodie Gourd Back Bling (Epic)
Nibbles Back Bling (Epic)
Spike Chamber Back Bling (Rare)
Lil Kev Back Bling (Rare)
Reaction Tank Back Bling (Rare)
Response Unit Back Bling (Rare)

Finally, there’s also a new Crazy Feet emote. It’s a huge update for new skins and cosmetics, which will most likely hit the shop before the end of Fortnitemares. However, that’s not all that’s been leaked for the latest update.

More Fortnite 6.21 Leaks – Live Fortnitemares Event

Epic Games promise a one-time live event for Fortnite users who log in and play on Sunday, Nov 4 at 1 pm ET/ 6 pm UTC.

The event marks the end of Fortnitemares, and, according to FNLeaks, will feature butterflies.

It looks like Fortnitemares will go out with a big bang. Players who complete all of their Fortnitemares Challenges by November 4th will also pick up the new Dark Engine Glider.

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