What are your worst games of 2018?

The other day, we looked at five of the games that we think have been the best of 2018. Incredibly, we included Sea of Thieves because, well, we’ve really been enjoying it; since the latest updates and additions, it’s even better.

While the likes of Far Cry 5 and God of War 4 were amongst the very best of 2018 so far, it is safe to say that there has also been a load of tripe released this year.

And guess what? We’re going to list the five worst games of 2018, and one or two may just surprise you.

5. Sea of Thieves

Alrighty then! We put it at five on our best of list pretty much all because of the good updates and new content has been added in recent weeks. However, because of all the hype surrounding it at launch and then the pretty threadbare release, we have to include it on here otherwise some pitchfork-wielding Redditters will turn up at Elecspo HQ very mad.

The major problem included the servers felt empty, PVP was infuriating at best, and the rewards were lacking. While the new DLC has totally changed this, the player base has dwindled from those crazy numbers at launch.

4. Metal Gear Solid: Survive

Oh, how I wanted this to be good. However, the backlash against Hideo Kojima was so great that even the most hardened Konami fanboy would have found it hard to get on board with.

It was seen by many as just a cash-grab with very (VERY) tedious ties to the Metal Gear franchise. Then there was the microtransaction nightmare which asked players to part with £10 for a character slot, just so they could actually continue playing the game.

This is only fourth on the list just because the game worked and there were little bits of fun you could have with it.

3. Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

Unless you are a massive weebo, then this game is just wrong! It looks nice, but when you get past all the nice anime-style graphics, you get a game that is almost too complicated to fathom.

It is incredibly repetitive, and while in a good game like Far Cry 5, that isn’t so bad, this just feels like you’re being punished.

The fact that you need to unlock the ability to fast travel and save at points was enough to send us over the edge and get a refund on Steam.

2. Crisis on the Planet of the Apes VR

I’m still not sold on VR games, and this title is one of the reasons why. You cannot do anything in this game fluidly. You always feel like you’re totally drunk, and half the stuff would be easier to do in real life than in the game.

Movement is a problem in all VR games but this is just so, so bad. It also looks like something you would see in a Hollywood Bowls arcade of the 90s.

Honestly, this game was broken, and the fact that it cost £11 doesn’t help because it probably isn’t worth half that.

1. Bravo Team

This game is hands down one of the worst things I have ever played, and I’ve played Big Rigs. How a game like this can be released in 2018 is entirely beyond me.

The movement is clunky, the shooting is laughable, and the AI is the most frustrating thing about this game.

The voice acting is pretty hilarious, but I’m not laughing with it, I’m laughing at just how god awful it is. One small, but really annoying, detail is how out of scale everything is. I know assault rifles are big but this one takes up half the screen, and your giant army arms cover the other half!

Don’t buy the game, please, DON’T!

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