What do you think the best games to buy this summer are?

The summer should probably be spent in a beer garden rocking some outrageously short-shorts. In truth, I will more than likely be playing games and watching England crash out of the world cup.

That being said, what games are coming out over the next few months that you should be getting excited about? Well, to stop you from doing all the research, I’ve trawled the internet to find five of the best releases for this summer.

1. God of War 4 (April 20th)

I really need to buy a PS4 because missing out on Yakuza and God of War in the same year is too much to take. God of War 4 though will give you all the blood-thirsty ancient Greek violence you could ever wish for.

Well, I say ancient Greek, you’re actually facing off against Norse Gods this time – while juggling raising your son.

A must buy.

2. State of Decay 2 (May 22nd)

This could be way too spooky for you, but if you like your survival-horror games, then this is a great shout. An open world zombie game with up to four-player co-op sounds absolutely perfect, doesn’t it?

Imagine, if you will, a third-person, open world, Left 4 Dead that includes tower-defence elements.

It is coming out on the Xbox Game Pass, which means you can technically play it for free and on both console and PC.

This might just be one of the best games to buy this summer if you like Zombies!

3. Hyrule Warriors (May 18th)

Hey didn’t this already come out for WiiU and 3DS? Yes, yes it did but this is now coming out for Nintendo Switch, which is excellent news.

The original version was superb, letting you hack and slash your way through Hyrule; and the Switch version will include every character and DLC released previously.

4. Shaq FU (June 5th)

The original was one of the most notoriously bad games of all time. However, thankfully the devs of this one look to be very self-aware and have made a very silly game.

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That being said, the gameplay actually looks quite good, and I for one cannot wait to play.

It might not be the best of the best games to buy this summer, but I mean, Shaq FU!

5. Jurassic World Evolution (June 12th)

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? To be quite honest, I don’t want to know if people don’t, because they are awesome. You know what else is awesome? Business simulators. You think I’m joking, well just remember how good Theme Park was!

And that is the basic premise of Jurassic World Evolution.

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