Can you name some genre-defining games? Well, we can!

Genre’s are a funny thing. They help file and categorise music, films and, of course, video games. There have been so many games that have totally changed the landscape of gaming. However, what are those games that defined their genre?

Well, we’ve got five games that defined their genres and set an example for similar future titles.

1. Resident Evil

There have been many survival horror games before Resident Evil, but this 1996 title was the one that defined it and set a strong benchmark.

Ironically, Sweet Home – the title that inspired Resident Evil – is considered one of the best early examples. As is the Atari 2600 title, Haunted House.

Resident Evil was a hit considering just how popular survival horror was in the 90s and 2000s. Afterall, it did actually spawn the survival horror label. One of the best genre-defining games of all time in spite of the terrible voice acting in the English dub.

2. Wolfenstein 3D

There were some FPS-style games that came out before Wolfenstein 3D, but nothing like this. Okay, so there was Hovertank 3D, but that was made by id software, the same team behind Wolfenstein.

With its story, excellent shooting and iconic FPS formula, Wolfenstein is the most iconic FPS of all time.

3. Street Fighter II

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The original Street Fighter set the groundwork, but Street Fighter II became the standard for all fighting games. The perfect hit detection, superb characters, excellent graphics and eye-popping fast-paced action. Street Fighter 2 is still played at fighting tournaments and has about a million remakes and updates.

4. Super Mario Bros

Platformers were… well, they were a bit naff before Super Mario Bros came along. Sure, Pitfall was around, but nothing came close to Mario. Ultra-smooth screen scrolling, perfect controls and a fantastic progression.

Easily one of the greatest genre-defining games ever.

5. Civilization

The Civ series really changed the game when it came to strategy titles. Probably the most in-depth series of all time, Civilization took the wargames from the table-top and placed them on your sweet-ass PC.

While this was a turn-based RTS game, it has evolved into a serious RTS, with the latest entry being a personal favourite.

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