Games bigger than Fortnite? Nonsense – or is it?

Fortnite has taken over and let’s be honest some must be getting a little sick of it now. That being said, Fortnite is the most popular game in the world – both via player base and viewers on Twitch.

I’m sure some gamers will be hoping for a game that will come along and dethrone this mega-title. Well, with some of the games that are coming out this year, there is every chance they can overtake

Here are five games that we think have the potential to be bigger than Fortnite.

1. Crackdown 3

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Crackdown was one of the most underrated titles of 2007, so it is no surprise to see it getting a long-awaited third game. This will not only be a solo game but co-op and multiplayer, allowing for maximum chaos and environmental destruction.

If they add a Battle Royale feature in the months after launch, there is no reason why it can’t become huge. Now, the one downside is that this is an Xbox/PC exclusive – which will narrow the player-base.

2. Skull and Bones

Ok, so Sea of Thieves should have been on this list if Rare hadn’t totally botched the launch, and not added new content so late. That being said, we can only hope that Skull and Bones is the game that we all hoped Sea of Thieves would be – a true multiplayer pirate experience.

While Sea of Thieves went for a much more cartoony and basic quest system, Skull and Bones appears to be all about becoming the most notorious pirate on the high seas. As we saw with Sea of Thieves, people do want to watch pirate games; streamers were pulling in well over 50,000 viewers on average during the beta.

Hopefully, Skull & Bones will be a huge success, and hey, maybe even a Battle Royale could come out of it…

3.  Black Ops 4

It has come to this… hoping for Call of Duty to add something fresh to the gaming market. Well, I say fresh because the rumours we’ve heard aren’t exactly fresh ideas, but done correctly they could have HUGE implications.

COD has had a bit of a nightmare in recent years. Bad maps, boring weapons, terrible connection and a colour pallet that would look more at home in a toilet bowl. However, Treyarch knows how to make a good multiplayer game. Oh, and there is a huge fact that this game won’t have a traditional single-player campaign.

Instead, we could be treated to something like the Division’s core game or potentially even another Battle Royale. To be honest, a BR would be the smartest move from a CoD game in years.

4. Battlefield 2018/5

You know what I just wrote about Call of Duty? Well, I may as well copy and paste is for Battlefield. Again, there are rumours and rumblings about a Battle Royale mode – with PUBG as the inspiration rather than Fortnite. To be honest, an epic BR on the Frostbite engine with Battlefield’s attention to detail could be amazing.

Away from the BR stuff, if the other rumours are true, we could be getting a World War Two Battlefield! This would be the first full game since 1942 which was released almost 15 years ago. People love Battlefield and people definitely love WW2, so this should sell really well.

5. Red Dead Redemption 2

Now, I was actually going to go for the new Walking Dead game that is coming out later this year. However, I’m going to guess that there is no way that Rockstar will allow this game to not have a multiplayer, especially after the success of GTA V’s.

If it does have a multiplayer, we could have anything from traditional team deathmatch to even something like a tower defence game. However, the best game mode would surely be ‘cops and robbers’ – taking inspiration from PayDay and Battlefield Hardline.

Oh and you guessed it, a Battle Royale would be cool.

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