As rumours continue surrounding the possibility of a Nintendo Direct this month, there’s much excitement about which games could be mentioned.

Along with Zelda: A Link to the Past and Persona 5, Animal Crossing is amongst the favourites currently being predicted for the Direct.

The new Switch title will be the first mainline Animal Crossing game since 2013’s New Leaf, which expanded upon the previous two games, while bringing back several of the series’ beloved villagers.

In light of that, here are five we hope to see return in Animal Crossing 2019.


Sure, he’s grouchy, but Lobo offers an essential balance to the frantic energies of the peppier villagers, and he’s pretty loyal once you’ve eventually befriended him. Even if he is partial to gossip.


Friendly, approachable and super laidback, I hung out with Drago whenever I wanted to de-clutter my life and delight in life’s simple pleasures.

While peppier villagers might express their dismay at Drago’s ‘unproductive’ lifestyle, his contentment in simply being is refreshing.


Sprightly, goodhearted, fashionable. Margie’s a great starting point when you’re new in town, as her normal personality and natural kindness make her easier to befriend than less trusting villagers.

She’s also an aspiring designer, so if you admired Happy Home Designer, her home will probably offer a few pointers when laying out your own quarters.


Cool, sporty, energetic! Kody was my first best buddy after I’d moved in on New Leaf. 

His large ego can make him appear self-centred at times, but he’s one of the kindest animals in the game. He’ll also always be there to motivate you when you’re struggling with your latest Public Work.

Kid Cat

In a game with as diverse a cast as Animal Crossing, it says something that Kid Cat is one of the most memorable. With his makeshift ‘No. 1’ superhero helmet and peppy personality, he’s a real joy to have in town.

Particularly because he’s the Nintendo equivalent of your friendly neighbourhood crimefighter.

Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch is scheduled to release this year.

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