While Smash Bros Ultimate is the best selling game of 2018 on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk shows that FIFA 19 and Marvel’s Spider-Man are their best selling games of 2018!

From the looks of things, PS4 players far outweigh Switch and Xbox One players in the UK. All but one of the top five best selling games are PS4 games, save for FIFA 19 on Xbox One. But how much do these results tell us?

FIFA 19 – UK’s Best Selling Game of 2018?

It’s no surprise to see FIFA 19 so high up on the list. Football is huge in the United Kingdom and sales for FIFA are always strong.

While Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 takes the top spot on the list, FIFA 19 appears multiple times in the list. FIFA 19 (PS4), FIFA 19 (Xbox One), and FIFA 19 Champions Edition (PS4) all make an appearance in the top 15.

What’s more, many players have bought FIFA digitally. For instance, you can even get FIFA 19 free with EA Origin Access on PC.

The Rest of the Top 5 Best Selling Games of 2018

Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 is currently the highest selling physical game of 2018 on Amazon.co.uk. The game has been a standout success, with rave reviews and huge sales straight out the gate.

FIFA 19 takes both 2nd and 4th place for PS4 and Xbox One respectively.

God of War for PS4 is the third highest-selling game of 2018 so far. The relaunch of the franchise has been another big success for PlayStation.

Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4 is the fifth highest-seller. The game isn’t released until October 26th but pre-orders have been through the roof. With the new Red Dead Redemption 2 features recently revealed in an official video, there’s plenty of reason to get excited.

These statistics are purely based on the Amazon.co.uk Bestsellers of 2018, so they don’t reflect sales from every retailer and platform. However, this gives us a good indication of the biggest games in the UK right now.

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