We think we’ve cracked the Fallout 76 setting, and plenty more Fallout 76 information we’re dying to know.

Oh boy! We all knew we were getting it, but now Bethesda has finally revealed a new Fallout game. In fact, yesterday we look through some of the most likely things that Bethesda could release; from a Fallout 3 remaster to a vast online only game.

Unlike Bethesda to be so quick on the draw; just hours after publishing the article, Bethesda released a trailer for their new game. Welcome to the franchise, Fallout: Vault 76.

The trailer on YouTube has already received more than 5 million views. Check the comments on the trailer, and of course fans across the globe are incredibly hyped about it.

However, this is all in spite of us actually getting concrete information from Bethesda about what is going on in Vault 76. No, for this you will need to delve deep into the former Fallout titles where there are instances of this fabled Vault being mentioned – for better or worse.

Thankfully, YouTuber and all round Fallout series expert, Oxhorn has created a video that explains everything for us. Incredibly, there is a range of instances in which Vault 76 has been mentioned in the Fallout universe, so here is a rundown of everything you need to know about the Vault’s history.

Where is it located?

via Fallout 3/ Oxhorn

Washington D.C! So yes, we are going back to the Capital Wasteland. How do we know this? Well, if you go to the Citadel (the Brotherhood of Steel’s base of operations), you will find a terminal that tells you all of the Vault’s in the D.C area, and Vault 76 is listed at the top.

Who runs it?

In the same terminal entry, you will see that a typical human overseer doesn’t run it, but rather someone or something called ‘Brain Power 4’. Sounds very ominous…

Does it conduct evil experiments like the other Vaults?

Again, according to terminal entry, the vault was used as a control vault, and unlike the others, it was actually as it was marketed. In fact, Vault 76 is just one of 17 vaults that were ‘normal’, and no horrific experiments were done to the residents. While they kept it as a control vault, Vault-Tec also ensured that that doors would be opened after 20 years.

Anything else?

There are two more mentions of Vault 76. The first is in the Mothership Zeta DLC, where a voice recording of Vault-Tec’s Vice President is found suggesting he was captured.

The final mention is during the opening scenes of Fallout 4, in which a newscaster reveals that Vault 76 could be one of the first produced.


Trailer Breakdown Time

Okay, now we have got the available lore about it, let’s have a look at the trailer. It starts off with a very old PiP Boy in view, suggesting it’s a Gen1 model (a version we’ve not seen).

Interestingly though, the date is 25 years after the bombs dropped, not 20. Does that mean that something has apparently not gone to plan?

We’re then shown that the vault has been enjoying a huge party, with a banner saying ‘Happy Reclamation Day’; followed by a Vault Dweller puts his early PiP Boy on.

Okay, but what are they reclaiming?

Well, this is all to do with the 76. America was born in 1776 and Vault 76 was the official vault of the nation’s tricentenary. So the inhabitants are ready to leave the vault and reclaim the nation in their image.

What else can we take from it?

Well, there could be some interesting discussion on where the vault is actually located. While the terminal entry in Fallout 3 states it is one of the D.C vaults, the song in the 76 trailer is Take Me Home, by John Denver. This could actually suggest that Vault 76 is in West Virginia, as is prominent in the song lyrics.

Now the most significant thing that you NEED to know

Vault 76 is not only a special Vault, but it is set more than 59 years before the events of Fallout 1. So Fallout 76 is going to be a prequel to the first game, and the entire series so far for that matter. This is quite a considerable detail, implying we will be entering a world without Super Mutants. It is another year before the Master was able to create Super Mutants, and eight years before the Institute was even formed.

Is there any 2102 Lore?

via Fallout wiki

Oh yes, I think we can safely say that the game will some way involve Richard Grey, AKA the Master. In 2102, Grey found the Mariposa military base, the same year that he discovered the FEV virus. Also, the same year he turned into the master – Richard was a busy man…

So, what can we take from this huge story?

We know when and where the game will be set – where the vault is located. We also know that the Master could be involved in some way, even though he is in California, and you are likely in the Capital Wasteland.

It may be speculation, but we’re pretty sure we know the Fallout 76 setting, villain and just about everything else about the game… *smug face*.

Big thanks to this video from Oxhorn and the Fallout wiki for all the info.

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