The FACEIT Major New Challengers stage ended last night and eight teams will make it through to the New Legends stage.

The FACEIT London Major teams advancing are Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Astralis, HellRaisers, compLexity, TyLoo, BIG, and Vega Squadron. They’ll all go on to the Legends stage to face off against 8 teams eliminated from the last CS:GO major.

After a short break, the New Legends stage will take place on 12th September and last until the 16th. The top 8 will go on to the final Champions stage from 20-23 September.

FACEIT Major New Challengers Winners

Team Liquid was the first team to advance in a 3-0 run. They beat OpTic Gaming (16-4), HellRaisers (16-9), and Vega Squadron (19-17). With only Vega able to get beyond 10 rounds, Liquid have shown themselves as a dominant force for the major.

Ninjas in Pyjamas arguably had an even more impressive run. They tackled Virtus Pro (16-5), TyLoo (16-12), and Astralis (28-26). Despite a rough few months, NiP has shown they can compete against and even beat the world #1 team.

Astralis were next to advance. Many people picked Astralis as the most likely team to 3-0, but their one map loss to NiP stopped them from having a perfect run. They beat compLexity (16-4), Rogue (16-13), and Team Spirit (16-3) to advance 3-1.

HellRaisers also advanced 3-1. They won against North (19-16), Gambit (16-14), and OpTic (25-23), only dropping one to Liquid (9-16).

CompLexity was the last team to come through 3-1. After losing to Astralis (4-16), they came back to beat Space Soldiers (16-11), BIG (16-12), and Vega Squadron (19-15). The NA roster has been showing some serious improvement.

TyLoo squeaked through 3-2. They beat Gambit (19-17) and Renegades (16-10) while losing to NiP and OpTic. In their final Bo3 against Team Spirit, they pulled out 2 map wins to advance.

BIG had a similar course. Despite their losses to Vega Squadron and compLexity, they toppled Renegades (16-6), Gambit (16-8) and won 2-0 in a Bo3 against OpTic Gaming.

Vega Squadron was the last team to advance and also the biggest underdog. They suffered close losses to Team Liquid and compLexity, but beat Team Spirit (16-14), BIG (19-16), and North 2-0 in a Bo3.

Team Spirit, OpTic Gaming, North, Renegades, Gambit, Rogue, Space Soldiers, and Virtus Pro were eliminated.

FACEIT Major New Legends Teams, Date & How To Watch

The winners of the FACEIT Major New Challengers will go on to face past legends. FACEIT has already released the matchups for the New Legends stage.

The CS:GO London Major will continue on the 12th September. You’ll be able to catch it on FACEIT’s Twitch Channel or on YouTube.

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