Want to win prizes and make money playing PUBG? FACEIT recently launched PUBG matchmaking on their platform. You can play with friends, join leagues and ladders, and even win cash!

You can sign up for free to play FACEIT PUBG on the FACEIT website. All you need is a download of PUBG.

FACEIT have also announced that the first user to win 338 times will win a FACEIT Fiat 500! This is in addition to a range of leagues and ladders with FACEIT and even money prizes on the platform. So what exactly does the service involve?

What does FACEIT PUBG Matchmaking Include?

While some PUBG users may be used to regular matchmaking, FACEIT offers a few benefits for members who play via their platform. Similar to their offerings in games such as CS:GO and Dota 2, you can join games, accumulate points, and win prizes.

Users will be able to take part in PUBG Missions for prizes. For instance, those who join right now can compete to win a car by being the first to rack up 338 chicken dinners via FACEIT games.

Players can also participate in Leagues and Ladders. Players can climb up the ranks and win points to trade in for FACEIT prizes.

You can also join FACEIT Hubs. These allow you to take part in competitions for real cash prizes and giveaways hosted by partners. You can also create hubs for you and your friends to communicate and start games together.

Make Money Playing PUBG

FACEIT PUBG will also allow players to win real cash prizes. As the site explains:

We are opening up the doors for Tournaments driven by Partner Organizers on the platform with tons of FACEIT Points and real cash prizes up for grabs!

You can check out the Tournaments on the FACEIT PUBG page if you’ve signed up. With all the rewards, leagues, and customizable server settings, it makes for an interesting way to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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