The 2018 Evolution Championship Series went down this weekend, spanning major events in eight fighting games alongside a plethora of side events, including Smash Bros. Ultimate. Here are the full Evo 2018 results for every game.

Evo 2018 Street Fighter V Results – Problem-X beats Tokido

The SFV finals were the main event of the evening at the Mandalay Bay Arena. The 2499 person tournament was whittled down to two players- EchoFox Tokido and Problem-X of Mousesports.

In an upset victory, Problem-X beat the former Evo 2017 champ with M.Bison to become the first ever British Street Fighter winner at Evo.

Evo 2018 DragonBall Fighter Z Results – SonicFox beats GO1

DBFZ got more entrants than any other game with Evo with 2579 players playing in the tournament.

Despite being sent down to the loser’s bracket by SonicFox earlier, GO1 managed to come back and reset the grand finals to put himself in a position to win.

In a controversial move, SonicFox spoke to the admins and lobbied to switch seats and player sides with GO1. Despite being legal within the rules of the tournament, it was met by backlash from fans who believe it halted GO1’s momentum.

SonicFox won the grand prize and responded to the outrage on Twitter.

Evo 2018 Results for Tekken 7 – LowHigh beats qudans

The Tekken 7 Evo 2018 tournament also had an impressive turnout, with 1547 players competing for the grand prize.

Despite past winners like SAINT and JDCR in attendance, the grand final came down to top Koreans LowHigh and qudans. LowHigh won, defeating Devil Jin with Sheehan.

Evo 2018 Smash Bros Melee Results – Leffen beats Armada

In a tournament full of major players like Hungrybox, Mew2King, Plup, and Mango, the grand final came down to Leffen and Armada.

TSM Leffen’s Fox was too much for Armada- he managed to take first prize with an impressive 10-0 run throughout the tournament.

Evo 2018 Guilty Gear Xrd REV2 Results – OMITO Wins

Despite only 623 entrants, the Guilty Gear Top-8 kicked off the proceedings for the Sunday finals.

LostSoul shocked the fighting game community, being the only Westerner to make the final 8 in the Japanese-dominated tournament and make it to third place.

In the end, it was OMITO who took home the grand prize, beating fellow Japanese player Machabo.

Evo 2018 Smash Bros. for WiiU Results – Lima Wins

In another controversial tournament, Lima and CaptainZack both made finals using Bayonetta- a character considered too overpowered for the competitive scene.

To make matters worse, the players stalled in the finals, leading to a referee to tell them they had to engage. The crowd began to boo and many even left the stage before watching the finals play out with Lima taking the win.

Evo 2018 Smash Bros. Ultimate Results – NRG Win

The Smash Bros Ultimate Exhibition Tournament came down to ESAM and Infiltration of Panda Global against Nairo and HookGangGod of NRG. Team NRG ultimately came out with the win.

Evo 2018 Results for Other Events

In the 1181-player BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle tournament, Heiho defeated Fame96.

The Injustice 2 tournament ended with Rewind beating Tweedy in the grand finals. DBFZ winner SonicFox also made it to 3rd place.

The event also featured a range of side events including Street Fighter IV, Soulcalibur VI and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. Reddit user -SETTON posted a handy guide to all of the side event results in this Reddit post.

It was a successful tournament for many games, featuring upsets, shocks, and some controversy. With new fighting games and characters coming, the FGC looks more alive than ever.

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