The 2018 Esports Awards wrapped up last night, celebrating some of the best players, games, teams, and personalities in the esports industries. The Esports Awards 2018 results include winners such as Twitch streamer Ninja, NaVi s1mple, FaZe Attach and many more. Here are the full results.

Esports Awards 2018 Results – Players and Streamers

PC Player of the Year – Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev (CS:GO)
Console Player of the Year – Mosaad “Msdossary” Aldossary (FIFA)
Console Rookie of the Year – Kenny “Kenny” Williams (Call of Duty)
PC Rookie of the Year – Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau (League of Legends)
Play of the Year – Dillon “Attach” Price (Call of Duty)
Personality of the Year – Tyler “Ninja” Blevins
Streamer of the Year – Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

There was a good range of esports covered in the players who picked up awards last night.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro s1mple of Natus Vincere picked up best PC Player of the Year. With standout performances in many events, it’s hard to deny the skills of the best CS:GO player of 2018.

Meanwhile, Msdossary picked up the award for Console Player of the Year. The Saudi Arabian FIFA player has won multiple events for Rogue Gaming. Most notably, he won the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018.

Call of Duty pro Kenny (also known as KuavoKenny) picked up Console Rookie of the Year. It’s in large part thanks to his work for Team Kaliber in the CWL Pro League 2018, although he’s now made the move to 100 Thieves.

Bwipo won PC Rookie of the Year for his huge performances as Fnatic’s Top Laner.

FaZe Attach won Play of the Year for his nailbiting CoD play, capping off a huge comeback and breaking up the dominant OpTic roster.

Ninja won awards for both personality and streamer of the year. Despite recent controversy with IcyFive, Ninja has put up incredible numbers in 2018 to become indisputably the top streamer in the world.

Esports Awards 2018 Results – Games

Breakthrough Game of the Year – Fortnite
Game of the Year – Overwatch
Publisher of the Year – Blizzard
Live Event of the Year – Overwatch League Grand Finals

Blizzard scored a triple whammy this year. Overwatch scored Game of the Year and Live Event of the Year for the OWL Grand Finals. Meanwhile, Fortnite was the Breakthrough Game of the Year- the game has blown up to be the biggest game in the world right now.

Esports Awards 2018 Results – Organizations

Esports Team of the Year – Astralis (CS:GO)
Organization of the Year – Cloud9
Streaming Platform of the Year – Twitch
Commercial Partner of the Year – Intel
Hardware Provider of the Year – Nvidia

The teams and organizations that keep the esports industry running are just as important. This year Astralis picked up Esports Team of the Year for having one of the most dominant reigns in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive history.

Cloud9 were the organization of the year- no surprise given their strong presence in practically every esport.

Intel and Nvidia were also celebrated for their hardware and commercial contributions. Meanwhile, Twitch is the Streaming Platform of the Year, beating out YouTube, Facebook, and others.

Esports Awards 2018 Results – Journalists and Staff

Unsung Hero of the Year – Milos Nedeljkovic (FACEIT Mikey)
Videographer of the Year – Davis “Hitch” Edwards (OpTic)
Photographer of the Year – Helena Kristiansson
Esports Coverage Website of the Year – ESPN
Supporting Agency of the Year – Evolved Talent Agency
Journalist of the Year – Jacob Wolf (ESPN)
Broadcaster of the Year – Clint “Maven” Evans (CoD World League)

The journalists, photographers, and other people behind the scenes were also celebrated. Winners included OpTic Hitch, FACEIT Mikey, and Jacob Wolf for his work with ESPN.

You can see the entire Esports Awards 2018 broadcast on YouTube.

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