Astralis tore through the competition to become the CS:GO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 winners without dropping a single map!

It all came down to a Bo3 grand final with Team Liquid where the Danes managed to win on both Inferno and Nuke. Here’s a breakdown of the tournament.

Astralis are the CS:GO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Champions

Astralis faced 3 teams in four Bo3 matches, managing to win every single map. Only C9 managed to score above 12 rounds against Astralis in one game.

Astralis scored Bo3 victories against C9, Team Liquid, mousesports, and Liquid again in the finals.

The Great Danes solidified their spot as the #1 CS:GO team in the world right now and take home $500k of the million dollar prize pool.

ELEAGUE Premier 2018 MVP: dev1ce

Everyone on Astralis put up a worthy performance, but it was Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz who managed to top frag on 6 out of the 8 maps and pick up a well-earned HLTV MVP medal.

With 2 MVP medals and a LAN rating of 1.26 this year, dev1ce is rivaling s1mple and NiKo for the best CS:GO player of 2018.

A Solid Performance by Liquid

Runners-up Team Liquid also put on an impressive show. TL defeated the new MiBR roster in two Bo3 series and knocked out world #2 team NaVi in the semifinals.

NAF and Twistzz were two of the top performers of the entire tournament. TACO also showed incredible resolve to perform in the wake of a personal family tragedy, most notably stepping up on Overpass to eliminate NaVi and bring TL to the grand finals.

They may not have won, but Liquid staked their claim as a solid fixture in the Elite 4 of CS:GO.

There’ll be a CS:GO player break throughout August. The next big event, DH Stockholm 2018, kicks off August 29.  After that, all the biggest teams will be in action at the FACEIT London Major.

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