Piranha Plant is coming in February, Joker will come soon after, and there’s a lot of speculation on who the next Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character will be. So far, there’s a lot of evidence to support the possibility of a Dragon Quest character in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Reliable leaks have claimed there will be a new Square Enix character in Smash Bros Ultimate. Now, it seems that Erdrick from Dragon Quest is the most likely candidate. However, other names have also been brought up. Here are the latest Smash Ultimate DLC leaks and rumors.

Erdrick in Smash Bros Ultimate? DLC Leaks and Rumors

Leaks for a new Square Enix character in Smash Bros Ultimate go as far back as September 2018. This initially came from Vergeben, a leaker known for making many correct calls on the Smash Bros Ultimate roster.

More recently, leaks for a Dragon Quest character in Smash Bros Ultimate have surfaced. One specifically mentioned Erdrick.

Erdrick is the main protagonist of Dragon Quest III and since made an appearance in Dragon Quest XI. The leak also mentions Anlucia (Dragon Quest X) and Luminary (Dragon Quest XI) as pallet swaps.

The rumor is also backed up by Vergeben, who claims he has also heard Erdrick from sources.

Interestingly, a data leak also shows the codenames for new Smash Ultimate DLC Fighters. One of the names, “Brave”, could very likely refer to a Dragon Quest hero.

Dragon Quest Character in Smash Bros Ultimate?

While many leaks and rumors are unsubstantiated, a DQ character in Smash Bros does seem likely.

With Dragon Quest XI S set to come to the Switch in 2019, a Dragon Quest character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate would make for great promotion.

The Dragon Quest series is huge in Japan. While it may not be quite as big in the west, a Dragon Quest Fighter in Smash Bros Ultimate would bolster its audience, much like with Fire Emblem.

It’s interesting to note that multiple leaks have pointed towards a Dragon Quest character. While Erdrick is the frontrunner, the Luminary also seems like a strong possibility as the DQ XI protagonist.

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