The first major Smash Bros Ultimate tournament takes place this Saturday, 15th December at Don’t Park on the Grass 2018. DPG18 also features events in Smash Melee and Rivals of Aether. Players such as ESAM, MVD, Locus, Zain, SFAT, and Spud will be competing. Here’s more on DPG18.

How to Watch DPG18 Smash Ultimate, Melee Tournaments

DPG starts on Saturday, 15th December at 10 am PT. Here’s the full schedule for every tournament in the event.

While many players will be hyped to see the Smash Bros Ultimate tournament, there’s plenty more on offer. With Melee Singles, Melee Doubles, Rivals of Aether, Smash 64, and even Splatoon 2, there’s something for everyone.

The event will also feature Smash Ultimate Doubles and a Smash Bros Ultimate Squad Strike tournament. Fans will get to see competitive Smash Bros Ultimate in full force.

DPG18 Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament Ruleset

Don’t Park on the Grass 2018 will be the first major competitive Smash Bros Ultimate tournament. As such, this ruleset will likely pave the way for future Smash Ultimate tournaments.

DPG18 posted their current ruleset on Twitter.

Starter maps will be Battlefield, Final Destination, Smashville, Pokemon Stadium 2, and Town and City. Counterpicks include Yoshi’s Island, Kalos Pokemon League, and Castle Siege.

Matches will be 3 Stock, 7 minutes. Hazards and FS Meter are off and 1 Ban is allowed. Mii Fighters are also legal to use, so we might see some interesting gameplay.

How to Watch DPG18

You can watch Don’t Park on the Grass 18 on Twitch. The DPG18 schedule, as posted on Twitter, shows the times and Twitch channels for each event.

Links to the channels are as follows:

Smash Melee: EndGameTV1, MeleeEveryday
Smash Ultimate: VGBootCamp, PeakGamingNW
Rivals of Aether: RivalsofAether
Smash 64: SSB64
Splatoon 2: EndGameTV

With tons of characters to play in competitive Smash Ultimate plus plenty of other games, it’s a must-see for any Smash fan.

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