ESL on Facebook is not doing great…

Following the announcement of ESL’s agreement with Facebook for exclusive streaming rights, it has been meant with plenty of criticism.

In fact, last week we reported just how annoyed fans on Twitter were that Facebook had taken over from Twitch for the majority of ESL streams.

Speaking about the new deal Leo Olebe, the global director of Facebook Games Partnerships at ESL said: “For years ESL has used Facebook to nurture its global community while broadening the audience for eSports competition to millions of fans worldwide.

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“Having two of ESL’s most adored properties for CS:GO and Dota 2 streaming exclusively on Facebook is the next step in our efforts to delight the passionate eSports community on Facebook.”

On the surface, moving to Facebook – which has 2 billion active monthly users seemed to like the right decision, but the hostility in which it’s been met might have them thinking again.

Hostility and that fact that no one is watching…at least not on Facebook.

According to ESC.Watch, during ESL One’s Dota 2 stream, Facebook only had a peak audience of just 68,998 – a number which large solo streamers can easily get per day.


In comparison, during the Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds, Twitch managed to bring in a peak viewership of 116,814 – almost 50,000 more than Facebook.

With fan backlash now showing, could ESL be starting to reconsider their decision to move to Facebook, especially considering the site is banned in China the main viewers of esports?

While there are non-Facebook ESL streams for the Chinese market, the social media platform is missing out on a peak of more than 2 million peak viewers from the Asian superpower.

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