One of the latest Smash Bros Ultimate DLC leaks going around claims we’ll soon see the DOOM Marine in Smash Bros Ultimate. DOOM’s protagonist, also known as DOOM Guy or DOOM Slayer would make a seriously interesting addition to the roster. But how likely is it? Here are the latest Smash Bros Ultimate DLC leaks and rumors.

DOOM Marine in Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks

Many fans have previously called for the DOOM Guy in Smash Bros Ultimate. But while it didn’t seem so likely before, a recent Smash Bros Ultimate DLC leak brings up an interesting possibility.

Smash Bros DLC Leaks

The leak, originally posted on 5chan and translated on GameFAQs, brings up four new characters. It claims that the DOOM Marine will be announced as a DLC character during E3 2019, along with a DOOM64 pallet swap.

Every leak should be taken with a grain of salt, and this one is no exception. However, rumor has it the leak surfaced shortly before the announcement of Joker in Smash Bros Ultimate. Erdrick in Smash Bros Ultimate is also a possibility supported by credible leakers. This makes the rumor slightly more credible.

DOOM Eternal Coming to Switch in 2019

The leak also claims that the addition of the DOOM Marine will be used to promote DOOM Eternal.

It’s been confirmed that the upcoming DOOM installment will make its way to the Switch. Along with the previous DOOM game on the Switch, adding the game’s main character to Smash Bros could result in huge sales.

Again, the leak should be taken with a grain of salt. However, this could mean massive news for Smash fans at E3 2019.

DOOM Marine in Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Pack?

Adding the DOOM Slayer to Smash Bros Ultimate would definitely make a lot of fans happy. When it comes to iconic FPS characters, no one represents the genre better than the nameless Marine of DOOM.

It may seem a little outlandish and unlikely, especially with DOOM baring quite a stark contrast from most of the family-friendly Nintendo characters. Still, games like Bayonetta aren’t exactly made for children either.

With previously unexpected characters like Cloud and Joker making their way to Super Smash Bros, anything seems possible for Ultimate.

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