It’s been almost a year since the last CS:GO Operation and many players are disappointed with the lack of CS:GO updates. And it’s not just the casual players- recent major champion dev1ce has also expressed disappointment with the state of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Dev1ce Disappointed With Valve’s Treatment of CS:GO

In a Tweet, dev1ce shared that Valve would regularly ignore feedback from the pro players. While the pros were ignored, there’s also been a lack of CS:GO updates for casuals. He carried on to say:

I know we’ve had good updates but what makes casuals involved with the games are new achievements and content inside the game. Which they have had so little off.. just makes me wonder sometimes what’s happening.

Dev1ce has a point. Although we’ve received the CS:GO MP5 update and Panorama UI this year, there’s still a lack of updates for players. Compared with a popular game like Fortnite, updates for CS:GO are few and far between.

With 323 days since Operation Hydra ended, many players are wondering when is the next CS:GO operation? It’s now the longest wait ever for a new operation of new maps and game modes.

New CS:GO Updates Coming?

Despite the disappointment with CS:GO support from Valve, it seems there may be a brighter future.

In a recent interview with VIEesports, Zeus of NaVi also spoke about Valve’s treatment of CS:GO.

The interesting thing about the future of CS:GO is that I have inside info on what’s coming next year, even though I can’t talk about it right now… Valve have finally realized that things can’t stay as they are for long and they are preparing a few very interesting surprises for us.

Zeus claimed he would post an interview on his YouTube channel soon to explain more. He went on to say:

The rumor on the street is that one company is making a game conceptually similar to Counter-Strike and that it will likely become a competitor for CS:GO. That really made Valve reconsider things and get a move on.

A little competition may be just what Counter-Strike needs- DotA 2 gets much more attention due to competition from LoL. If Rainbow Six Siege or another game starts to catch up with CS:GO, Valve will really have to step up their game.

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