We’re one day into the FACEIT London Major New Challenger’s stage and we’ve already seen some ungodly plays. Tyloo Xccurate, BIG Tizian, NiP Dennis, and HellRaisers ISSAA all went huge, bringing their teams to the winner’s bracket today. Here are the top 5 best FACEIT London Major Highlights so far.

Xccurate 200 IQ AWP Ace

In case his 3k clutch in overtime wasn’t enough, Xccurate went absolutely insane in the 34th round. After AdreN took 15 seconds to carefully line up a short for smoke, Xccurate blocked it with his body. This gave him a gap to catch mir off guard then go on to completely obliterate the rest of Gambit.

Tizian VAC Shot on Overpass

In one of the sickest FACEIT London Major highlights so far, Tizian hid behind the B-site barrels face down to avoid getting head shotted. By quickly peeking up he managed to quickly take off AZR’s head with a cheeky one tap.

Tizian explained the play in an HLTV Interview:

I have actually practiced it, I don’t know, three or four times, but I wasn’t planning on doing that shot, you know.

Dennis 3k AWP Retake

Dennis went huge for NiP in their match against Virtus Pro. In addition to an early 4k, he managed a quality retake later in the game. After picking off Pasha in mid, he took out two more VP members from Shop, including a sick shot from the window ledge.

ISSAA Back-to-Back Quad Kills

Taking the Overpass B site against HellRaisers ISSAA tough task, as North found out the hard way. The Jordanian player defended the site with a 4k in Round 19.

Apparently North didn’t learn their lesson since ISSAA barely missed out on an Ace the very next round.

ISSAA 3k Flank For Map Point

Just as North thought they might get back into the game, ISSAA came from behind and took two out with headshots from one spray. Just in case there was any doubt who the man of the match was, he proceeded to finish off Valde and put HellRaisers at 15-8.

The action continues today from 10am – 10pm BST (4am – 4pm EST). You can catch it all on the FACEIT TV Twitch Channel. Stay tuned to Elecspo for more FACEIT Major content!

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