With Solid Snake’s return to Smash Bros, many fans have wondered if we’ll get Snake codecs in Smash Bros Ultimate for the huge roster of characters. Solid Snake’s voice actor, David Hayter, has now shone some light on the matter.

I’m probably not supposed to say anything, but they haven’t recorded any more codecs… yet. And I have offered to Nintendo that I would certainly do that if they wanted to. I would love to do that for all the characters.

Solid Snake’s Smash Bros Brawl Codec Calls

When the Metal Gear Solid protagonist made his first appearance in Smash Bros Brawl, gaming fans were thrilled. Not only did they get a badass character, they also got a range of voice codecs of Snake discussing Smash Bros characters with Otacon, Colonel Roy, Mei Ling, and even Toad from StarFox.

Here are all of the Smash Bros Brawl codecs demonstrated in a video by MasterOfHyrule.

Every character got their own description via a radio codec taunt. This made for great fun for the fans to see how Snake reacted to the wild and wacky roster of Nintendo characters.

More Solid Snake Codecs In Smash Bros Ultimate?

Many fans were disappointed to see Solid Snake missing from Smash Bros. for WiiU and 3DS. With his return confirmed for Ultimate, many fans are hoping to see brand new codecs for the massive range of characters.

Although David Hayer hasn’t recorded anything yet, he’s made it clear he’d love to do so. With months before the release, Nintendo may be waiting until they announce all the new Smash Bros Ultimate characters before letting Hayter in on the secret.

Keep your hopes up- Solid Snake voice codecs in Smash Bros Ultimate are still a possibility. With all the content being jammed into it, Sakurai is doing more work than ever on making this the ultimate fighting game for fans.

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