2018 was a big year for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We saw the addition of the MP5-SD, new maps in the map pool, and even a brand new game mode- CS:GO Danger Zone. However, many players still anticipate another operation. Will we get a new CS:GO Operation 2019?

New CS:GO Operation 2019: What Would It Include?

There are many CS:GO updates we need in a new operation. CS:GO Operations typically include new maps, new skins, and new game modes. With so long since the last operation, there’s plenty of new content that Valve could cram into an operation.

Last year, FACEIT and Valve sponsored the MapCore Mapping Contest, allowing map makers to create new CS:GO maps. Biome already made it to the game, but maps like Kaizen, Studio, and Abbey would make perfect additions to a new operation.

There are also tons of new skins in the Steam Workshop which would be ideal for an Operation Case. What’s more, with the addition of Danger Zone, a new map and missions for the battle royale mode would look great in an operation.

One graphics designer even created a CS:GO Operation Turning Tides Concept. This shows just how much potential there is for a 2019 CS:GO Operation.

When Will The Next CS:GO Operation Be?

The last CS:GO Operation, Operation Hydra, ended all the way back in November 2017. Previously, the longest break between operations was 312 days. Now, with over 400 days since the last operation, the question turns to not when but will we get a new CS:GO operation?

Over the past year, it seems Valve have turned their focus more towards individual updates. With new guns, maps, and skins in regular updates, a new CS:GO Operation may not even be necessary.

However, Operations are still a staple of CS:GO and there’s no reason Valve couldn’t work on a new one. In fact, a CS:GO Operation in 2019 could be bigger than ever.