Who do you think are the best Counter-Strike teams in the world? Well, it might only be the beginning of May, but the latest rankings are out and are somewhat surprising.

In fact, if you’re looking for rankings for the best CS:GO teams, then HLTV gives you weekly updates. They have ranked the 30 professional teams on the circuit, with a whopping 939 between 1st and 30th.

So here and the five best CS:GO teams in the world according to HLTV.

5. MouseSports – 674 points

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This team has been relatively solid at finishing in the top five places in recent times. They did manage to pick up victories in the V4 Future Sports Festival, StarSeries i-League Season 4 and ROG MASTERS 2017 EMEA Finals, so rightfully take their fifth place.

However, that does mean that Cloud9 miss out, despite being one of the best Counter-Strike teams around.

4. FaZe – 697 points

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The form of FaZe Clan (one of my favourite teams) this year has been fantastic. That being said they are way down in fourth place which isn’t quite as surprising as you may think. The problem with the team is they have choked so many times at major events this year. They finished 2nd at the eLeague Major 2018 when they really should have won, and they again were runners-up at IEM Katowice 2018.

3. Fnatic – 709 points

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Another fantastic team, and one that needs to pick things up if they want to get further up the table. Though, in all fairness, they have won two of their last three comps, with them getting gold at WESG 2017 World Finals and Katowice 2018.

2. Natus Vincere – 747 points

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There is a reason why s1mple is so in-demand; he is just a brilliant player in an excellent team. Natus Vincere finished their 2017 on a high; DreamHack Open Winter 2017 and WESG 2017 Europe & CIS Regional Final wins. However, they are yet to win anything in 2018 but finished 2nd at DreamHack Marseille and StarSeries iLeague.

1. Astralis – 1000 points

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They are miles ahead of everyone in the world of Counter-Strike at the moment. Not only do they have some of the best players around, but they also have a fantastic record. They are a whopping 253 points ahead o Natus Vincere, and this is in spite of them only winning two of their last 16 competitions.

This hasn’t stopped them from officially being the best of the best Counter-Strike teams around.

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