Off come the shoes as foot CS:GO is a thing – sort of.

We’re not exaggerating when we say this might be the greatest thing we’ve seen in CS:GO.

So, there are times when gaming that we need to eat and drink, but what do you do when you are a streamer?

You can’t really nip off stream for a bit while you fill your face. How do you eat or drink while continuing to play?

Well, one Russian Counter-Strike player came up with an ingenious idea to help him play while drinking his beer. Counter-Strike is known for requiring precision and agility; you need all your fingers ready… or your toes if you are DimitryKKomrade.

Boom – Footshot!

the stuff you can find at the bottom of twitch from LivestreamFail


This clip is absolutely nuts; it is just extraordinarily how nonchalant he sprays someone down with a P90 with his feet!

Naturally, it made its way on to Reddit and Dimitry ended up commenting on it, saying:

Hey. It’s Dimitry. Right now I’m filled with nothing but happiness, and I like to thank you all, because you showed me that -this might be cringy, but anything you talk about with passion probably sounds cringy to an outsider.”

I can be entertaining and be funny while doing crazy sh*t in CSGO or playing ds3 in today’s stream and getting frustrated while blasting gachi. That is quite a lot for an asocial like me. A small, irrelevant thing for one person can be a dream coming true for other. So again. Thank. You..”

How very touching – all in the name of drinking beer while playing games. Great work!

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