West Ham United esports? Yep, it’s a thing, sort of.

Didn’t expect to be writing this today, but… West Ham United (that’s football, you know football?) is now into esports.

Yep, in some crossover thing with BetWay – who sponsor both West Ham and Swedish esports team Ninjas in Pyjamas, we’ve been treated to former Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez taking on England international Michail Antonio in CS: GO…

And there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.

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Anyway, with the Intel Extreme Masters XII champions coaching them, you would imagine both players could transfer over some of their valuable football skills into the world of competitive gaming.

Well, it turns out that one was able to, while the other was just a complete n00b.

With two fantastic professionals in the forms of GetRight and F0rest guiding them through the game and Xizt and Rez doing some coaching, the Hammers stars definitely had some incredible mentors.


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However, it seems like only one player really took in what was being taught to him, with Hernandez absolutely whipping the floor with Antonio, in a whopping 11-1 thumping. Oddly, despite claiming he had never played CS before, Hernandez was actually pretty decent, and was definitely accurate with his shooting, popping a few headshots along the way.

In fact, his ability to crack out these headshots – albeit against a truly HORRIFIC player in the form of Antonio was pretty damn impressive.

Xizt left

While it was great to see these players have a go at CS, it was also somewhat sad to see Xizt in what was one of his final appearances with NiP.

Ironically, in the video, GetRight says “I think we should fire Xizt from our coaching team, I hear football clubs do that.”

Funnily enough, Xizt actually left the team on Tuesday, leaving them down one of the best players and coaches around.

When we will next see him playing competitively is unknown, though maybe we should start an Elecspo esports team and get him snapped up ASAP.

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