Is this player the reason behind Fnatic’s win at IEM Katowice.

It seems like FaZe Clan really, really don’t have much luck in major finals lately.

After bottling it against Cloud9 at the Boston Major, they’ve only gone and done it again, this time at IEM Katowice.

However, it did take Fnatic five maps to get over the likes of Nikola “NiKo” Kovač and Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács, both excellent players.

Fnatic actually took a great early lead, winning the first map ‘Cache’ a whopping 16-5. Faze hit back straight away, managing to take ‘Inferno’ 20-22; ‘Overpass’ followed and again FaZe came away winners.

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The team of Swedes brought it back to 2-2 thanks to winning the fourth map ‘Mirage’ 16-11; meaning we’d be treated to a fifth and final map, ‘Train’.


And it was one train where we saw Robin “Flusha” Rönnquist go absolutely HUGE, quite literally. In fact, he managed to pull off a 1.67 KDR, even racking up a whopping 38 kills for just 17 deaths.

Fnatic went on to win three clutches compared to FaZe’s two, which helped them to a thrilling 19-17 win.

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Flusha managed to pick up the MVP award for IEM Katowice, which was entirely deserved, especially considering his performance against both FaZe and Team Liquid.

Could Fnatic’s win at IEM Katowice be all down to Flusha? Well, maybe, seeing as he was so hugely influential in that final map.

Breakdown of maps:

Cache: 16-5
Inferno: 20-22
Overpass: 7-16
Mirage: 16-11
Train: 17-19

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