ESL have admitted they were wrong following disastrous Facebook streaming launch.

We’re only a few days in and already ESL has faced such backlash from the community following the decision to move over to Facebook that they put out an apology on Reddit last night.

The introduction of Facebook as our new broadcast platform did not go as it should have,” wrote Vice President of Global and Social .

“Instead of focusing on ironing out the kinks, engaging in the right kind of dialogue with you and incorporating your legitimate feedback we were busy following protocol and defending our actions.

“We were in the wrong. We will learn from it and go forward.”

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Following the exclusive deal with Facebook, ESL levelled with Twitch to remove and in some cases ban streamers who were also streaming their events on the platform.

Much like how YouTube was hit with boycotts following their decision to effectively cripple smaller channels from making revenue; the community rallied and stopped watching the Facebook streams in waves.

And those that stuck around have various complaints about the streams, with their appearing to be poor support for TV, Chromecast and even on mobile devices.

In fact, figures were peaking as little as just 60,000 last weekend for the DOTA 2 stream.

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Facebook ESL Dota 2 viewing figures are way down

In comparison, Twitch had more than 1 million active viewers during the CS: GO Valve Grand Final on Sunday evening.

Continuing in the post on Reddit, Schiefer wrote: “Working with companies that can help us bring esports to the mainstream, is part of that process.

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“Yet if the things we do come at the expense of our relationship with the audience, we need to critically re-evaluate our approach.

“We acknowledge our mistakes and we apologize. What we got wrong last week we want to get right for the rest of the year.

“That means learning from what happened, working with Facebook on improving the experience as well as changing the way we talk with you.”

Though we will see 1060p and VR support coming to the platform shortly, it may take ESL a while to win back even their loyalist of fans.

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