This might be the best counter strike clip of all time, and definitely the funniest.

Is there a better feeling than playing games with your mates? Sometimes you want to troll them just to see how mad they will get. While other times you will team-up to ensure they you always pick up the victory.

For the most part, playing with your friend’s results in victories – at least it does for me; probably because I’m amazing. However, there are still those times when you need them to chip in with some advice or a callout.

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In fact, callouts are an integral part of any shooter. You need to know where the enemy could be on the map and you especially need to be able to hear your team-mates. However, what if you’re playing, but you’re not on the same discord channel?! Well, if you’re in the same house, you can just scream a callout and hope they hear you.

That sounds too crazy to be true, but that is precisely what happened to Mike Kerr and Summit1g during their CS:GO stream the other day. Minikerr wasn’t in the discord chat with the rest of his team and was left to pull off an epic clutch.

You’ll probably be seeing this clip quite a lot this year, and it has already got more than 300,000 views on it. In part thanks to Summit’s hilarious reactions but more thanks to some truly ridiculous snipes from the former Nexus eSports ace, Minikerr.

Not only does he pull off the clutch, but pulls off an ace! Watching it from both players point of view is pretty special, especially with how calm Minikerr is during all of this.

Best Counter Strike clip ever? Yes, yes it is.

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