Watching as JW collects chickens on Inferno while playing in a Counter Strike major was absolutely hilarious!

Day five of the ELEAGUE Premier brought with it more shocks, as Team Liquid walloped MiBR and Fnatic fell to Mousesports.

Liquid was able to put MiBR in just two rounds, with them winning 8-3 in the second-half of Overpass. As for Fnatic, they came very, very close to going through after winning Inferno 16 -13, but narrowly lost Train 16-14 before falling apart on Mirage, 16-9.

In both of these games, we saw some severe plays, and here are some of the best.

JW Collects the Chickens

You know, in a serious competitive match where you side is just about winning on Inferno you probably shouldn’t mess about. However, JW just did not care as he spent a good 20 seconds rounding up some chickens before locking them in an apartment. What a legend.

Naffly aim is the best aim

This guy is on fire at the moment, and his aim in this clash with MiBR was terrific.

Draken VAC PLZ

This shot is a bit nutty, with Draken only being able to see a sliver or SunNy but he’s still able to get the frag.

Krimz Clutches

It all looks so good for Fnatic when Krimz did this, but it just wasn’t mean to be!

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