Have you been wondering what some of the best plays and best ELEAGUE PREMIER clips?

Day 3 of ELEAGUE PREMIER had some pretty serious Counter-Strike action from MouseSports, Natus Vincere, Team Liquid and Astralis. It might have even topped the action from Day 2.

Astralis dominated Team Liquid in a 2-0 victory, dropping just 19 rounds in the process; Na’Vi and MouseSports was a tight affair in comparison. Mouz took the advantage on Inferno but got trollied on Train before a close match on Mirage, losing out 16-11.

As you can imagine, there were so many great plays, especially with all the B rushing going on during Inferno which was incredibly exciting. So, here are three fantastic clips from Day 3.

ChrisJ destroys S1mple

S1mple is easily one of the best awpers in the pro community, but you cannot peak ChrisJ, mainly when he is covering banana. This quick-scope was just nasty and shows how quick you have to be to kill S1mple.

Electronic 4 spray

You know, grouping up in CS is never a good idea, and you never want to do that if Electronic is kicking about. He managed to take down Oskar, SunNy, Snax and Ropz in the process which was very nice.

Naffy Ace

Okay, so Liquid got banged by Astralis, but this ace from Naf was totally crazy, especially with his team 13-9 down.

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