ZywOo is the most promising upcoming CS:GO player. The French 17-year-old has already shown incredible stats both in pugs and pro games. FACEIT Mikey even revealed that ZywOo is the only player to beat s1mple’s stats in FPL!

Of course, FPL is a whole different ball game to professional Counter-Strike, and s1mple is still the best CS:GO player of 2018. But by the looks of things, ZyWoo could catch up with him sooner rather than later.

CS:GO ZywOo Stats

ZywOo’s CS:GO stats on the FACEIT platform are incredible. He boasts a 70% win rate with a 1.62 average kill-to-death ratio. For comparison, s1mple has a 55% win rate with a 1.32 K/D.

CS:GO ZywOo Stats

But how do his pro stats match up? ZywOo is still no slouch- he has an HLTV 2.0 rating of 1.40 in 215 maps.

While he’s been facing relatively weak opposition, having 87.9% maps with a 1+ rating is still a promising sign. Now, with a better team behind him, he could go on to achieve impressive heights.

CS:GO ZywOo Team – Waterboys

ZywOo recently joined a new French CS:GO team with apEX, NBK, Happy, and RPK. While the team is currently called Waterboys, rumour has it they’ll soon be picked up by large esports org Vitality.

CS:GO ZywOo Stats

The fresh new lineup played their first games this week in the IEM Chicago Qualifier against 3DMAX and Spirit. ZywOo not only managed to keep up with the French veterans but even managed to out-frag them in many games.

Who is ZywOo?

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut is a 17-year-old CS:GO player from France. He’s been playing at a pro level ever since he was 15 in teams such as E-Corp and WySix. He’s also gained the respect of many players in the FACEIT Pro League.

Interestingly, ZywOo was offered a $15,000 a month contract by Team Envy back in 2017 thanks to a stand out performance at Gamers Assembly 2017. However, Mathieu refused the offer in order to focus on school.

Now joining forces with former Team Envy players apEX, NBK, Happy, and RPK, the sky is the limit for ZywOo. His skills with the AWP have led many fans to label him as the next KennyS. ZywOo looks to be the next big French CS:GO star, and maybe even a future top 5 player.

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