XANTARES announced today that the Space Soldiers roster is leaving the organization. Along with losing XANTARES, MAJ3R, paz, Calyx, and ngiN are also leaving the Turkish org. XANTARES broke the news in a Tweet, which was soon retweeted by his teammates

We would like to thank the family of Space Soldiers for the support and encouragement they have shown to us players so far. However, our long term plans did not match with the Space Solciers organization. Therefore, herewith we players announce our separation from the organization. Thanks to everyone who passionately supported us.

The sudden departure is an interesting move. XANTARES has been with Space Soldiers ever since 2014, while the other players have also played with the org for years. Will they be signing with a new organization or going separate ways?

XANTARES – Best Free Agent in CS:GO

XANTARES is by far the best free agent in CS:GO right now. Not only is he the best CS:GO player in Turkey, but he’s HLTV’s highest rated player of all time.


With a 1.23 rating, he’s even above s1mple and level with TyLoo’s BnTeT- albeit XANTARES has played almost 400 more maps. He may have had lesser competition than players like s1mple and coldzera, but it’s still an impressive feat.

Parting ways with Space Soldiers for the first time in his 4 year career is a huge move, and there’s no doubts other organizations will be paying attention.

Some fans have speculated XANTARES to HellRaisers. He’d join Turkish player woxic, who he has previously played with in the CS:GO European Championship.

XANTARES to Mousesports seems like another possible option. With rumors of mousesports benching Snax, picking up the highest-rated international player is a possibility. Some fans even hope for a move to FaZe.

However, XANTARES has always remained loyal to his roots and may decide to stay with the ex-Space Soldiers roster.

What’s Next for ex-Space Soldiers?

While they may have left the Turkish organization, the newly-departed roster still plan to play with each other right now as ex-Space Soldiers.

All five players have shown their talents over the past few years and new organizations are likely to take note.

The departure from their long-time organization may suggest they could be in negotiations with other organizations already. However, nothing is confirmed yet. With shake ups like ex-Envy players forming Team Vitality CS:GO, the end of 2018 could look very interesting for the Counter-Strike pro scene.

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