UPDATE: CS:GO Danger Zone Battle Royale Free to Play Now!

After much fan anticipation. The CS:GO Wednesday update promised by the CS:GO Developers Twitter has now been postponed to Thursday.

Many will be left disappointed, but this isn’t necessarily a bad sign. With rumors of CS:GO Battle Royale/Survivor Mode and even a new CS:GO Operation, the postponement most likely mean huge things are coming.

CS:GO Wednesday Update Release Date & Time

The CS:GO December update originally planned for Wednesday is now set for Thursday 6th December 2018. The postponement may be to accommodate different time zones, so the update could come at any point in the day.

Reddit user u/kjolvasi collected data on past CS:GO Wednesday updates. It appears all updates came between 22.30 PM and 1.15 AM UTC.

List of the time of Wednesday update releases from GlobalOffensive

From this, we can speculate that the CS:GO December update should come just before or after midnight on Thursday (approx. 7 PM EST). However, developers may simply be waiting for the update to be ready to launch in the game, so it could come at any time.

What Will the CS:GO Thursday Update Include?

The new CS:GO Thursday update should be a big one. According to rumors and leaks, it’s likely CS:GO Survival Mode will launch.

This will be a battle royale style CS:GO mode, featuring flares, sonar pulses, and more new items, in addition to much larger maps. CS:GO Developers have been testing new CS:GO Survival maps.

We may also get a new CS:GO Operation. It’s been over a year since the last one, and players are ready for new maps, achievements, skins, and more.

There are many CS:GO updates we need in a new CS:GO operation, including 128 tick servers, better performance or even an upgrade to the Source 2 engine. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long until the big CS:GO update for December finally goes live.

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