CS:GO USP-S vs P2000 – which is better in 2018? Picking between these two CT starter pistols is an important decision for every Counter-Strike player!

Both of these default pistols pack a punch and choosing the right one can help you win those all-important pistol rounds. Although the USP-S is much more popular, the P2000 is still a solid, underrated weapon.

So which has better stats? Which has better skins? Which should you use? Here’s a breakdown of the USP vs P2K.

CS:GO P2000 Skins vs USP-S Skins

Both guns have a good deal of fancy looking skins if that’s what you’re all about.

Some of the most popular USP-S skins include USP-S Neo-Noir, USP-S Kill Confirmed, USP-S Cortex, and USP-S Orion.

Popular P2K skins include P2000 Ocean Foam, P2000 Imperial Dragon, P2000 Fire Elemental, and P2000 Amber Fade.

CS:GO USP-S vs P2000 Stats

Looks aside, which one is better in-game?

The damage and fire rate are the same, but the key differences come in ammo and recoil control.


The P2000 gives you much more ammo at 13/52 compared to 12/24 for the USP. While the P2000 has a higher accurate range, the USP-S has better recoil control, giving you accurate shots for longer.

CS:GO USP-S vs P2000 – which do pros use in 2018?

The USP-S is perennially more popular than the P2000 amongst pros. In 2018, the USP accounts for 5.64% of pro kills compared to less than 2% for P2000. Similar stats carry throughout every year.

While the vast majority of pros use the USP, it’s not necessarily the better choice. Pros such as Hiko, snatchie, n0thing, and woxic have had much success with the P2000.

CS:GO USP or P2000 – Which should I use?

Choosing between the USP-S and P2000 is much like choosing between the CS:GO M4A1-S or M4A4.

The silenced USP will give you lower ammo but discreet, accurate shots. If you like to pick your shots and aim for the head, you might prefer the feel of the USP.

With much more ammo, the P2000 is great for those who prefer to spam down their enemies. It’s also a fairly useful eco weapon for rushes.

Both are much better than the T-Side Glock and if you’re not a fan of either, the P250 is only a $300 upgrade away.

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