The new CS:GO update for 15 November includes the new Skill Groups Sticker Capsule and a few small changes to Subzero. The new Sticker Capsule gives you stickers for every Skill Group from Silver to Global Elite. There are also a few minor fixes to the game. Here’s more on the latest November CS:GO update.

CS:GO Skill Groups Sticker Capsule

The Skill Groups Sticker Capsule includes art for every CS:GO rank created by daniDem.

The new Sticker Capsule is available now from the Steam Workshop. It includes stickers for each Skill Group, with Silver and Global Elite Foil stickers being the rarest. You can open the capsule and apply the sticker to your guns. Here’s what it looks like in action.

CS:GO Subzero Updates

The new de_subzero map by FMPONE came to the game just a few weeks ago. However, a few small changes have been made already.

CS:GO Update: Skill Groups Sticker Capsule & Subzero Changes

Updates include some changes to B Upper and wider Mid, although the T entrance for Mid has been narrowed.

CS:GO Update: Skill Groups Sticker Capsule & Subzero Changes

Players may also get an FPS boost. FMPONE noted that he made some FPS fixes to Subzero on Twitter, along with news about the CS:GO Cache remake.

CS:GO Battle Royale Coming Soon?

The November 15 update is only a small one, and not too much has changed. Other current updates include new loading screens for Biome and Subzero and players dropping items when they disconnect. You can view all the latest changes on the CS:GO blog.

So what’s next for the game? According to leaks, there’s a CS:GO Battle Royale mode currently in testing. The new game mode, titled ‘Survival’, will include some brand new items and weapons.

Players will likely battle it out to be the last man standing, similar to other Battle Royale games such as Fortnite and Blackout Mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

We may even get a new CS:GO operation. It’s been a year since the last one ended and players are eagerly anticipating a new one. There’s no word on when the next big update will be, but big Global Offensive updates often ship in December.

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